Usb Midi Keyboard

Line 6 Kb37 Toneport MIDI Keyboard & Usb Audio Interface Bus Powered Ux2 1

Line 6 Kb37 Toneport MIDI Keyboard & Usb Audio Interface Bus Powered Ux2 1

Line 6 Kb37 Toneport MIDI Keyboard & Usb Audio Interface Bus Powered Ux2 1   Line 6 Kb37 Toneport MIDI Keyboard & Usb Audio Interface Bus Powered Ux2 1
This listing is for a Line 6 KB37 Toneport MIDI Keyboard & Audio Interface in Perfect Working Order. This Line 6 KB37 Toneport is in Good cosmetic condition. Line 6 to PC USB Cable. REST ASSURED ALL ITEMS ARE TESTED & GUARANTEED. TonePort KB37 Ins and Outs. Keyboard and control surface details. 2x XLR mic preamp inputs with +48V phantom power and trim knobs.

2x 1/4-inch stereo line inputs. 1/4-inch instrument input with -10 dB pad input for instruments with high gain output. 2x 1/4-inch footswitch jacks software-assignable for sending MIDI commands to recording software start/stop, punch in/out, etc. 1/4-inch expression pedal jack (software-assignable for controlling GearBox wah, volume or sending MIDI to recording programs).

1/4-inch balanced line outputs with master volume knob. 1/4-inch headphones output with independent volume knob. USB bus-powered with LED status indicator. USB 1.1 & 2.0 compatible. Rock Solid ASIO, WDM and Mac® OS X driver.

Intel® or Power PC® based G4 1.5GHz or better (G4 1.67 or better recommended). OS X 10.4 or better. 512MB RAM minimum (1GB or more recommended).

1GB free HD space minimum (10GB or more recommended for recording). Drive speed 5400rpm minimum (7200rpm or faster recommended). Internet connection for online features. Pentium® 4 1.2GHz or better (2.5Ghz or more recommended).

Windows® Vista and Windows® XP (with SP2 only). One free USB 1.1 or 2.0 compatible port on computer (USB hubs are not supported).

TonePort KB37 Guitar Amp Models. 1953 Small Tweed based on "wide panel" Fender® Deluxe Reverb®. 1958 Tweed B-Man based on Fender® Bassman®. 1964 Blackface'Lux based on Fender® Deluxe Reverb®. 1967 Class A-30 Top Boost based on Vox® AC-30. 1968 Plexi Lead based on Marshall® Super Lead. 1968 Plexi Jump Lead based on Marshall® Super Lead with "jumped" channels. 1987 Jazz Clean based on Roland® JC-120. 1990 Brit J-800 based on Marshall® JCM-800. 1993 Solo 100 Head based on Soldano SLO-100.

2001 Treadplate based on Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier®. Citrus D-30 based on Orange® AD30TC. Brit Gain 18 based on Marshall® 1974X 18W Reissue.

TonePort KB37 Bass Amp Models. Rock Classic based on Ampeg® SVT.

Flip Top based on Ampeg® B-15A. Adam and Eve based on Eden Traveler WT-300. Silverface Bass based on 1967 Fender® Bassman® head.

Eighties based on Gallien Kruger 800RB. American Classic - Inspired by an API® lunch box preamp in a classic studio setup. API® - 512c Mic Pre.

Studer® - 2-inch tape (Including Emphasis/De-emphasis & tape Soft Clip). Vintage UK - Inspired by a Neve 1073. Modern - Inspired by an Avalon Vt737. Vintage - Inspired by a Classic Vintage Tube Preamp setup consisting of. GearBox Exclusive Preamp Effects Models.

Compressor (based on LA-2A® Compressor). TonePort KB37 Stompbox and Studio Effects. Facial Fuzz (based on Fuzz Face). Fuzz Pi (based on Big Muff Pi®). Screamer (based on Tube Screamer®). Classic Distortion (based on ProCo Rat). Phaser (based on MXR® Phase 90).

Opto Tremolo (based on 1965 Fender® Deluxe Reverb®). Rotary Drum & Horn (based on Leslie® 145). Analog Delay Modulation (based on Deluxe Memory Man). Tube Echo (based on EP-1 Tube Echoplex).

Wah (based on Vox® Wah). Volume (Pre- or Post-Amp Routing options). Bass Overdrive (based on Sans Amp bass Driver).

Bronze Master (based on Maestro® Bass Brassmaster). Sub Octaves (based on L6 original synth effect). Weeper (based on Arbiter® Cry Baby).

Where a power supply is listed in the "What's included" section, please note that it is UK 3-Pin 220v-240v unless stated otherwise. The power supply may not be the manufactures original but a suitable replacement. You will receive only what is listed in the "What's Included" section. Please see the "What's Included" section for cosmetic condition of equipment. We prefer to under-estimate the cosmetic condition of all our equipment so as not to disappoint.

All items are fully tested & cleaned prior to being packaged. The item "LINE 6 KB37 TONEPORT MIDI KEYBOARD & USB AUDIO INTERFACE BUS POWERED UX2 1" is in sale since Monday, November 19, 2018. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments\Keyboards & Pianos\Electronic Keyboards".

The seller is "surrey_musical_equipment" and is located in Banstead. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  1. Model: TONEPORT KB37
  3. Number of Keys: 37
  4. Brand: Line 6
  5. Type: Flat
  6. Features: USB Compatible

Line 6 Kb37 Toneport MIDI Keyboard & Usb Audio Interface Bus Powered Ux2 1   Line 6 Kb37 Toneport MIDI Keyboard & Usb Audio Interface Bus Powered Ux2 1